What Odd Souvenirs Grace the Space Needle’s Gift Shop?

What Odd Souvenirs Grace the Space Needle’s Gift Shop?

So, you’re going on a trip to Seattle Washington. Be sure and visit the space needle. It’s high up in the air, a great view of the city and if you have even a slight fear of heights it will scare the life out of you. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Seattle Space Needle. A tourist must in the Emerald City!

Once you descend from this fantastic view you will be in the gift shop. What tourist doesn’t want a souvenir from their most recent brush with death? I wonder if they have any space needle themed objects?!

Oh boy. Besides the basics: T-Shirt, pen/pencil, shot glass and or magnets what else could you pick? Don’t you worry because the Space Needle has you covered.

Someone in the marketing department needs a raise. They’re in full swing at the Space Needle.

OK, so if you do go there and you really don’t want any Space Needle Gum, what should you get? Another T-Shirt?

NO! They have an original Mold-O-Matic machine from the 1960s that will make you an injected plastic Space needle in 5 minutes. A very cool bit of industrial magic on display! I highly recommend this collectible.

I’ll leave you with some video I shot from the top of the Space Needle.