The Tale of Mr. Naughty Bowl

The Tale of Mr. Naughty Bowl

Once Upon a Time, people only colored their resin projects using officially sanctioned resin pigments approved by the King himself. Then along came a wandering bard by the name of Peter who renounced the King’s ruling and showed the people the light by utilizing unorthodox materials. The King was determined to stop this rogue maker or he would Dye Trying!

Back in late 2020, Peter combined many of the techniques and lessons learned from previous Dye Trying Experiments into one project.

Using walnut chunks, resin, orange watercolor paint, hardwood lump charcoal and pink liquid from a glowstick, Peter was surprised to learn that they didn’t all combine properly and inhibited the proper curing for the resin.

It will be debated by scholars for centuries which item combination is to blame for this calamity.  Perturbed, Peter placed the naughty bowl in a year-long timeout in a dusty corner of his shop cabinet.

After a year, it would hopefully be cured enough to finally finish. Fast forward one year later and we pick up the story there!

Sit around kids! This is a story about Mr. Naughty Bowl, the most naughty bowl in all the land! This is a tale fraught with mystery, suspense and drama which will be retold for generations to come. 

After closely examining the bowl, Peter discovered that, while still a bit soft, it would likely still be good enough to carefully work on the lathe.

Using a variety of Easy Wood Roughers, finishers, hollowers and even a cameo from a Forstner bit, he was able to coax this naughty bowl into its final form.

While Peter’s traditional final step in most projects is a round of Micro Mesh, he decided to give Yorkshire Grit a go.  Success!

Mr. Naughty Bowl, weary from his adventure, decided to live out his days on a shelf, not in a dusty shop, but in a home where he lived happily ever after.