The Pancake Frisbee

The Pancake Frisbee

I made a resin-infused pancake throwing disc that will never rot or mold. Why do I do these things?! Because someone asked me to.

Here is my perfectly ordinary griddle. A 1/2 thick piece of steel propped precariously on two plastic sawhorses heated with a propane roofing torch.

The need is for a LARGE 10″ pancake, which was harder to get than I expected. After I thinned out the batter a bit and skipped the ladle I was able to make a monster-sized flapjack.

This one turned out just a hair over 10″. Now this puppy needs to cool and dry out. For the next step, moisture is the enemy. We can let the hotcake sit out in the shop on a cooling rack for about 5 hours before moving on.

Enter my vacuum chamber full of stabilizing resin. Stabilizing resin is much different from casting resin. Unlike casting resin this will soak into the structure and give rigidity to the piece. What we want is for the Catus Juice to get as deep into the material as possible. Hence the vacuum chamber.

Once the pancake is completely submerged, a vacuum is applied and for the next 3 1/2 hours, we pull all the air out of the pancake. All those bubbles are evidence of that air escaping.

After the bubbles stop, we release the vacuum and the pancake will suck up resin into all the voids where the air was previously. The pancake is then heated in the toaster oven for 45 minutes at 200*F and that will cure the resin and make a rock hard griddle cake.

A rock hard griddle cake that I can mount on the lathe and turn into a frisbee. What I want is to make a concave underside to my pancake. This should give it some lift and make for a more stable throwing disc. I’ve had success gluing bread to the lathe this way in the past. I’m going to give you a beat to let that realization sink in…

A little bit of work and I did get the shape I was going for! Not putting it off any longer. It needs a test flight!

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