Star Wars Wall Clock

Star Wars Wall Clock

I spent Saturday making a Star Wars themed wall clock. It’s the symbol of the rebel alliance, and it came out pretty good. It’s currently hanging at my work. I can see the imperfections, but I’m just calling them my signature homemade style!

My first time with scrolling cuts at the band saw. Yeah, I could use some more practice!
2+ hours of rasps, files and sandpaper. I need a spindle sander…

UPDATE: On a whim, I posted it on my Etsy page, and it sold. I ended up re-sanding the imperfections, adding a better mounting solution and fixing some finishing flaws so I feel it will be well received. But that’s not the strange part. I miss it.

I think I will have to find some time to make another one in the future…

UPDATE: It’s July and I completed it’s replacement. This one will not be for sale, it is now part of my office decor.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Wall Clock

  1. Nice work, great videos, love the intro and apparently somehow I missed this video. My 5 year old daughter and I binged watched all your videos after discovering your channel some time last year. She has to always verify the video “is by the same guy” because that is the only acceptable way. I purchased a bandsaw recently and my first project was a dirty santa gift based off your video of the wooden rope puzzle, but I cut out the Rebel symbol as the wooden portion. Sadly I was the only one in the room, aside from my boys, who knew what the symbol was. Ha. Anyhow… keep up the great work and i really have wanted to say thanks for bringing the character you do to your videos…. my daughter isn’t usually privy to my YouTube binges, but that was a fun few days together. (Honestly, we probably watched em all in one day, but I won’t won’t admit to that much screen time).

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