Simple Hair Clips From Shop Scraps

Simple Hair Clips From Shop Scraps

First, I started by re-sawing some cutoffs and turning blocks I had around the shop.

I passed each piece through the planer to give it a good gluing surface. The arranged the pieces and glued them together.

After the glue dried I drew a simple surfboard shape and spray glued it to the blank. Took this too the band saw and roughed it out.

I sanded the front profile and then brought it back to the band saw to cut off a “slice” about 1/8 inch thick.

I got 4 barrettes from this blank

I sanded the back and then glued on the clips. I found the clips on online, for a few bucks.

I think epoxy would be a better choice over hot glue.

Finished with 4 coats of poly and shined up at the buffing wheel.