Preserving Stay Puft Marshmallows

Preserving Stay Puft Marshmallows

For this project, Peter enlisted help from his regional Stay Puft Marshmallow expert Ryan to see what happens to Marshmallows in resin.  As a Ghostbusters fan, Ryan wanted to see if there was a way to preserve these collectible confectionery delights.  Will this work? Let’s find out!

Peter’s first thought was to use a stabilizing resin, called Cactus Juice, to replace all of the air within the mallows with resin.  This would, in theory, prevent the marshmallows from ever degrading or spoiling.  Instead of risking a precious bag of limited edition Stay Pufts in this attempt, Peter went with a more readily available variety.

After 2 hours of submerging the floating marshmallows with some weight and subjecting them to a vacuum, all of the air was sucked out.  When the vacuum was released, the resin failed to reinflate the marshmallows to their previous size and shape, and instead transformed them into post oral surgery gauze replicas.  

Typically, the final step in this process is to place them in an oven at 200°F, but apparently sugars cannot resist those temperatures of that magnitude!

Would you call it a failure? 

Call it fate, call it luck, call it karma. I believe everything happens for a reason.”

Dr. Peter Venkman

  Luckily, our Peter also had a backup plan for these Stay Puft!

On the second attempt, Peter and Ryan painted the treats with Artist’s Resin which is an extended working time resin. After giving the freshly painted sugar cylinders time to fully cure and harden, they turned out great!

The last thing to do is to use a bag resealer to restore the collectible to is original state and hopefully preserve it for generations of Ghostbuster fans to come!