Poufs in Resin in January? What could go Wrong!?

Poufs in Resin in January? What could go Wrong!?

Against all better judgment, Peter actually attempted a resin project in January. You see, in the past, resin based projects in the first month of the year have ended, let’s just say, unfavorably for all parties involved.  He subsequently asked his viewers to please remind him when this cursed month returned so as to not dare again repeat it.  Without fail, they rallied together to warn Peter in his time of need about this impending curse.  Did Peter heed their warning?  Alas, my good reader, he did not. 

Armed with a 20% Off Blood Bath and Beyond Coupon and a disdain for good common sense, Peter obtained the seemingly innocent objects to submerge in resin that could spell uncertain doom for his shop!  

Shower Loofahs. Luffas. Poofs. Poufs!

Pure exfoliation exhilaration!

Peter planned to take the curse head on this year and create a magnificent resin bowl! The unassuming shower pouf would be the vehicle to hopefully break it!

To lean into the aquatic nature of these things, Peter decided to tint the resin a nice calming blue.

At the core of the pouf there was a knotted rope that when cut, allowed the poufs to be liberated and unraveled into their full 80’s ball gown glory.

After strategically balling the fabric up, Peter called upon his years of adhesive experience to restrain the voluminous material with the confines of a small well sprayed bowl.  Several batches of Total Boat ThickSet Fathom Resin were used to completely fill it up.  Before the last pour set, a wooden disc was inserted to have a secure mounting point for the lathe.

Peter then attacked the spinning pouf of doom with one of his Easy Wood Tools that have a nice bevel on them. 

They tend to be a little less aggressive which helps with resin to help prevent chip outs.  After much shaping of the outer profile, it was time to switch over to the inside.  Peter opted to use a Forstner bit to gouge out much of the inside of the bowl to help save time and effort.  While this might be a bit unorthodox of a technique, in the Church of Weirdworking, different materials may take different approaches. 

At the end of the process, is of course, sanding! No project would be complete without a nice rub down with MicroMesh Pads!  Their unique grit scale and wet sanding process always result in a spectacular surface finish.

Well, he did it! Peter broke the resin in January curse! The final bowl has this fantastic ethereal quality to it that even transcends the human optical UV spectrum!