Post Holiday Dye Experiment Extravaganza

Post Holiday Dye Experiment Extravaganza

In this 8th episode of Dye Trying, the Brown family explored the wonders of resin and festive additives found at the years end.

It is that most joyous of times, to reflect on the projects of past and the look forward to the mistakes in the future. It is a time to ponder life’s great questions such as “Would You Go Where the Huskies Go?”, “Would you Eat that Yellow Snow?” and does mixing resin and cranberry sauce make it more palatable?

Let’s try to find the answers to these questions and more!

Starting out with a silicone snowflake mold that was gifted by a forgotten viewer many years ago, Peter and Ms. Brown get to work compiling holiday themed ingredients yule surely recognize!

First up was fake snow. This material is traditionally activated by water to trigger a reaction to create the fluffiest fake snow this side of a Texan ski resort!

In proper Mythbuster fashion, they combined the snow powder with resin in both the activated and non- activated states.

After pouring this material into the mold, it was onto the cranberry sauce. Ms. Brown’s favorite!

Once mixed with resin, if you were hoping for a jolly bowl full of red jelly, the reality couldn’t have have been further from expectation. The resulting color was more like an ocean spray of bile or vomit. Perhaps if Peter hadn’t strained out the remaining cranberry chunklets before pouring it would have been better. Perhaps not. Who can say?

Next up for experimenting was the green sugar icing. It certainly couldn’t be as bad as the preceding cranberry sauce fiasco. The fluorescent green pigment really created a pleasant lime color that will hopefully continue through to the final product.

Speaking of lime, it was then time for the variants of Blue Raspberry (original) and Lime Jello (sugar-free). Will the addition of sugar impact the resin curing process in some way?

Will Peter continue to gag while tasting the sugar-free variant? Let’s press on to find out!

Just when you thought you had a handle on all of the resin mix-ins that were to be mixed, Peter came in from left field and threw an audible with Peppermint Candy Canes! After pulverizing the canes with his coffee grinder and filling his workshop with that classic aroma, Peter and Co. poured the fragrant mixture into its mold.

Not to be outdone by the odiferous peppermint, cloves enters the scene. After obliterating a handful of them in the grinder, it was time to mix and pour.

Once all of the bubbles in the resin were popped with a pass from a blowtorch, it was time to hopefully allow them all to fully cure.

While each material wasn’t a stupendous success, many of the mix-ins provided some really interesting results that might be a great alternative to what it typically offered in the resin pigmenting ecosystem. Thanks to the Browns for doing all of the legwork for our collective benefit and entertainment!

Happy Holi-dyes!