Natural Edge Pear Bowl

Natural Edge Pear Bowl

This is a natural edge bowl turned in reverse. I could wax poetic about how it’s a dichotomy between the raw bark, cracked rim versus the well sanded and oiled wood but that all seems a bit over the top.

I’ve had this pear in my shop for a number of years. It was acquired from a co-workers house. He was getting rid of the tree and traded him a bowl for some logs. I’ve probably made about 4 or projects from this wood.

It’s great to work with and ages to a warm orange hue about 2-3 weeks after turning. For me, It’s just a cool looking bowl, and fun to make some wood shaving in the shop.

Approx 8.5″ inches in diameter and 5.5 inches deep.

One thought on “Natural Edge Pear Bowl

  1. I noticed your bark knife handle.. I too stabilize wood, and on really porous material, I stabilize twice, or maybe sometimes even third time… The open pores are too large for the viscosity of the methacrylate to hold in place while it is waiting to cure… So the next time the pore is smaller, and the methacrylate fills the pore, and stays in place. Sometimes doubles the weight again, with the appropriate increase in strength.

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