Mother of Pearl Pen

Mother of Pearl Pen

This is real Mother of Pearl wrapped in a thin layer of resin and turned round on my lathe. This pen has quickly become one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever made. It just shines with depth and color and is smooth as glass.

I had a 1oz container of MoP from given to me by a friend. I have been thinking about how to best use it without wasting the material. I think I came up with something both simple and clever. I decided to make a pen.

The process begins with making the barrel of the pen from a brass tube painted white and covered in super glue. The MoP is then dusted over the tube until you get an even coating.

Next that material is encased in resin. This is a specialized mold for pen makers. Yes, it’s a thing. 🙂 It’s called a tube-in mold as the tube is suspended in the center of the mold so when we add the resin it will be completely surrounded all around.

Lastly, after the resin cures, it is turned, sanded and polished on the wood lathe. The result is a stunning pen with a surprising depth to it. The Mother of Pearl sparkles and really makes this piece a one of a kind!

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