Minecraft Redstone Torch in REAL LIFE

Minecraft Redstone Torch in REAL LIFE

This is my version of a Minecraft Redstone Torch. It is made from polyester resin and redwood. I started this project with a piece of redwood that I picked up at a local salvage yard. It was supposed to be burl. I paid for burl…

This wood will serve as the lower two-thirds of the lamp/torch and the fact that it is a pretty straight grain ended up really working for this overall. The top one-third will be poured polyester resin

Lets briefly talk resin. Not all resin is the same. Most people are familiar with epoxy resins. 1 part resin 1 part hardener. It’s a set formula and you cannot vary it or the resin won’t cure properly. Polyester resin, on the other hand, is infinitely variable based on how many drops of the catalyst you use. What I want is to superheat this batch of resin. I was cracks, expansion and bubbles, so polyester resin seemed the best choice. I started with 750ml of resin.

The next day I removed it from the form. It looks good. I think. The only way to know is to square it up at the table saw. My table way was covered in pink resin shavings…

Sanding and polishing is all just about removing the marks from the last grit. That’s all you’re doing. It’s not a long process and so worth the effort. I start at 220 and work all the way up through 12000 for a beautiful and lasting shine.

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