Let Me See That Tootsie Bowl

Let Me See That Tootsie Bowl

What the heck does one do with a bowl full of overlooked tootsie rolls after all of the Halloween festivities have ended?  Is there a more appetizing form factor of tootsie roll? Is there a special place for the sadists who attempt to dish out this “candy” to unsuspecting kiddos every year? Don’t fret, Peter Brown is on the case!

Armed with a toaster oven at 200°F, Peter loads up several parchment paper lined trays of tootsie rolls.  

One batch after another, the tootsie log grows and grows. Once all individual rolls have coalesced into the Katamari Damacy of chocolate confection perfection, it is time for it to take its final form.

Aggressively pressed between two plastic bowls, the tootsie bowl begins to take shape.

After enough time has passed, the candy has cooled and is ready to be demolded.

Finally, after all of these years, Peter has undoubtedly created a food safe bowl.  What a magically delicious way to celebrate this accomplishment!