Laser Cut Copper Jewelry

Laser Cut Copper Jewelry

Peter is back again with another laser project!

He has recently upgraded his laser engraver with a new enclosure, exhaust and honeycomb to improve the efficiency and safety of the machine.

In his latest video, he using a scrap piece of 1/16 inch plywood to cut out intricate earring shapes with the laser cutter. Although it takes some trial and error, Peter is amazed at how quickly he can transform any piece of wood into a creative and unique project.

One of the great things about using a laser cutter is that he can use any scrap piece of wood to create a project.

After securing it to the honeycomb bed with magnets, he then focuses the laser on the material and begins cutting out earring shapes using a design file he has prepared.

After cutting out the shapes, Peter moves on to the electroplating process. He coats the wooden shapes with conductive paint, which allows the objects to be electroplated with metal.

He thins out the paint using isopropyl alcohol and applies two to three coats to each shape, allowing them to dry between each coat. Once the shapes are completely coated, they are ready for electroforming.

Peter then submerges the wooden shapes into a container of copper sulfite solution and applies current using a power supply.

Over the course of a few hours, the copper from the copper coil and the copper sulfite in the solution plates the objects, covering them in a layer of copper. 

The end result is stunning; the wooden shapes are now covered in real copper, which has the potential to patina and create a unique effect.

To that end, Peter decided to accelerate the natural patina by using a solution that instantly made him regret the decision with it’s odiferous quality!

Peter is delighted with the outcome and is ready to make more creative jewelry pieces using the laser cutter and electroplating techniques.

Although the process may seem simple, it takes skill and patience to achieve such incredible results. Peter’s dedication to his craft is evident in his attention to detail and his willingness to try new techniques to create unique and inspiring pieces of jewelry.