How To Make A Three Position Box

How To Make A Three Position Box

The Bell Systems three position stool was a mainstay of the central telecom office. It was typically constructed from red oak and 2 inch screws. It was a was a real workhorse, just what I need…

My box is scaled down a bit from the original stool but fits well in the shop.

It measures:
22.5″ high,
16″ wide
11.5″ deep

I made it from 3/4 maple and a scrap piece of plywood for the bottom.  It is perfect for reaching to the top of the lumber rack, changing light bulbs, as well as sitting at the bench. It’s also a great step up to tools and tables for young woodworkers.

It is already become invaluable. Thanks for looking!

One thought on “How To Make A Three Position Box

  1. Sunday Afternoon
    25 Nov 2018

    Hello Peter –

    Nice article on the old Bell three-position stool. For 4 1/2 years (late 1970s thru early 1980s) I worked as a Field Engineer for a company that made microwave commmunications equipment for the phone industry and I worked in Bell Central Offices and microwave sites all across the U.S.

    The three-position stool always impressed me as a very utilitarian item (one of those things that you only notice when you need one and it isn’t there) along with the little ‘milk-stool’ (my name for it) that was also found in Bell offices.

    I remember how heavy the three-position stools were …. I thought that they were made of maple.

    Best Regards;

    Paul in Texas

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