How To Make A Super Mario Mushroom Birdhouse

How To Make A Super Mario Mushroom Birdhouse


Making a Super Mario Bros Mushroom Birdhouse turned from a log. This build was a lot of fun and I think it will make a geeky addition to my garden!

Getting the last coat of lacquer

This was turned from a pear tree that came down in a storm a couple winters back. It is easy wood to work with and turned easy. The trick was hollowing out the base.

The forstner bit worked well, as I’ve not had much luck with hollowing on the lathe, it was time consuming, but effective!

official contest stamp

I’m also quite pleased with the paint job. So why did I bore 5 35mm hole in the top instead of just painting them? I’m not sure… but it worked out, and I can now pretend like I always knew it would!

Hanging out in the garden!

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