How To Make A Dropping Top

How To Make A Dropping Top

I first saw this toy demonstrated over on the Grand Illusions YouTube channel, and I knew I had to try my hand at it!

Walnut Dropping Top with wipe on ploy finish

This was turned from a piece of claro walnut, 5/4″ thick and about 5″ in diameter. I get these blocks from bags of firewood I buy from a local gun stock maker! They make great turning blocks as well as small project pieces! You’d be surprised how many local cabinet shops have similar deals. It’s worth asking if you’re feeling brave!

Fate was messing with me during filming and so of course I left in my woes for you enjoyment. It really does work well! A good deal better after the camera was turned off it seemed. Ever see that cartoon of the guy with the singing frog?!

Yeah, it was kinda like that…

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