How to do woodturning with a strobe light

How to do woodturning with a strobe light


This is just too weird not to share. The lathe is running at 800RPM,
but it seems to stand still in the light of the strobe. 

Lathe spinning at 800RPM’s

 It is a strange
sensation to force your brain into believing that the wood is in motion.
Only the sickening feeling in your stomach from the flashing and the
sound of the lathe betrays the illusion.

 Be glad there is only a short
clip here as I wouldn’t want you to lose you lunch…
In order to get the footage for the strobe light, I had to remove 4 frames of
black for each useable frame of footage in my editor.

Here is a shot of my progress with about 4
seconds completed…

The editing process was
quite labor intensive, I hope it was worth it for a glimpse into this odd bit of strobe turning!

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