Dyed Ramen Ring…or is it?

Dyed Ramen Ring…or is it?

After the success of the dyed ramen handled knife project, Peter really wanted to put some of the remaining chunks of material to good use. This visually interesting material was often mistaken for 80/20 ground chuck and even some pink yarn, both of which are strikingly similar.

After noodling on it for a bit, having only relatively smaller pieces left really seemed to lend themselves to making a ring.

Since he had the resin pieces already made, Peter was able to just jump right into this project with little delay.

Once some concentric circles were drawn, he was able to easily position the hoax hamburger lookalike and affix it with some hot glue

Peter then set up a Forstner bit to easily bore out the center of the ring. This critical first step was necessary to better further secure the object with what is known as a jam chuck. 

This particular project came about before he obtained a proper ring mandrel, so as many makers did before him, he made due with what he had.  This is the Way.

Using various pieces of wood, Peter was able to fashion some fine lathe accessories to hold the object tightly while he worked it down into a proper cylindrical shape.

Using a variety of Easy Wood Tools, he was able to make quick work of it. With objects this fragile, it was important for him to keep his tools extremely sharp and to take his time.

Due to the nature of the jam chuck method, it became necessary to keep flipping the ring around to obtain an even shape for the ring.

As with many of Peter’s projects, the final steps came down to sanding, sanding and more sanding. After which came time for some polishing with increasingly higher grit counts to obtain a beautiful shine to entice even the Hamburglar!

Good thing he won’t be eligible for parole for many years after the now infamous “incident” with the Chick-Fil-A cows.