Dyed and Stabilized Corn Cobs!

Dyed and Stabilized Corn Cobs!

I’ve been wanting to stabilize corn cobs for a while. The process is pretty straight forward. First, eat some corn and let the cob dry in the sun for a day.

I have a vacuum setup that is used to infuse stabilizing resin into the wood, corn, or whatever crazy material I decide to try next. Stabilizing resin is a bit of a strange animal and quite different than casting resin. What happens is that we submerge the material in resin, so that none of the cobs are cresting above the liquid. I then turn on my vacuum pump and draw all air out of the chamber. Including all the air inside the corn. This a time-consuming process as corn is a very porous material.

After that, we put the corn into cups with dye and go through the stabilizing process a second time.

To cure the resin. the corn cob is wrapped in foil and it is placed in a toaster oven for 45 minutes at 200*F. After that, they can be turned on the lathe and sanded just like wood.

What you get is a super interesting material. I simply sanded to 320 grit and sprayed on three coats of lacquer to finish.

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