Dye Trying 7: Halloween Edition

Dye Trying 7: Halloween Edition

In this installment of Dye Trying: Halloween Edition, Mr. & Ms. Brown decide to further test the resolve of their marriage by sharing some more Shop Time!

For those readers who are just now joining the Peter’s shenanigans on this channel, Dye Trying is a continuing series of experiments to find cheaper coloring additives to resins often using common items found around the house.

In this episode, Peter managed to gather up some popular All Hallows Eve related objects to submerge in resin. Dr. Frankenstein would be so proud. The molds in use are some super fun fang molds over at Amazon.

For their first attempt, they got a hold of some lip cream which is apparently some manner of facial embellishment. This resulted in a really cool translucent red/pink that had a nice sheen on it.

Next up on the list is the mighty candy corn (one of Buddy the Elf’s food groups!) Apparently, Peter quite enjoys candy corn, which might explain a lot!

He was gracious enough to part with a couple of confectionary kernels to contribute to the concoction.

Attempts to pulverize and obliterate the ghoulish grain proved to be unsuccessful, but were exactly Peter’s favorite types of failure in his shop, rare edible ones!

The next test was a suggestion of Bloodmeal from a viewer which is apparently hippie soil or something.

It provided an interesting dark particulate effect if that is the sort of the thing you may need for a project. Any bets that the bloodmeal would “fluoresce like crazy” were greatly exaggerated!

The subsequent entry was the classic pumpkin. Suburban white women apparently flock for the stuff upon the earliest onset of autumn, so pumpkin imbued resin is sure to be a hit! While it started off a bit foamy once poured into the mold, it ended up producing a unique matte pale color that is quite nice. Sorry Karen, as a Starbucks additive it is not recommended however!

Next up are some fiendishly festive sprinkles, with a perfectly appropriate “Goblin Mix Pearls” variety. I am not sure what kind of tomfoolery is afoot at Betty Crocker, but the coloring was only surface deep, revealing a disappointingly boring white sugar when ground up. Perhaps keeping them whole within the resin might have resulted in something better.

The orange sugar sprinkles however worked wonderfully! Again, translucent is the word of the day and the color was fantastic.

Resurrection is typically only appropriate for projects around Halloween and Easter. Luckily, this is one of those projects! For avid viewers of the channel, they might recall that in a previous Dye Trying, calamine lotion was used as an additive and had one of the more bizarre reactions to resin.

It managed to soak up all of the resin and “cure” in a crumbly mess. Instead of throwing the calamine/resin failure away like a normal person, Peter saved it to be reborn in another project! Hallelujah! While the resulting liquid resembled vomit, the subsequent casting was undead perfection!

The final material was certainly the most interesting and spooky of them all… drywall!

Otherwise known as gypsum, the ground up crystal is commonly used in manufacturing drywall.

After Peter bland-splained it’s uses to Ms. Brown, they added it to some resin which resulted in a ghostly pale casting, again with a translucent quality about it! Hauntingly beautiful!

While the candy corn was a “failure” and the bag of chocolate mysteriously vanished after the start of the project, the remaining items were frighteningly successful!

Except for the glowing under a black light thing, that was was just a ghost story apparently!

Happy Halloween!