20 thoughts on “deadpool22

  1. Great work! I’ve been watching your videos, and really enjoy the interesting projects you make that focus on comics, games, and the like. Look forward to more interesting projects of yours.

  2. So… Basically I just realized that I didn’t put my last name in my first comment and I feel like that’s probably necessary so…here’s a second comment Oops. ._.

  3. Hey i woukd sooo live this spatula ive watched all your vids ill pay for postage too please send it to me

  4. I would love to win the spatula I’m a big fan of your channel and I love all the work u do, keep it up ur doing a great job

  5. keep up he good work I want to give it to my brother because he loves deadpool and cooking food he helped me a lot a lot and I thought it wood be perfect for him thx if I win bye

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