Deadpool Spatula

Deadpool Spatula

So back in 2015 I made the Batula (Batman Spatula) and it was a fun project. At the time I had planned to make a Deadpool one on my CNC as a thank you to Marc Spagnuolo for featuring the project on his Facebook page. But my CNC broke down and the project died along with it. Since I recently bought a scroll saw and needed a first project, I decided to revive Wade and give it a go. Only this time, there would be no computer to guide the cut.


I started with three pieces of hardwood. Hard maple, black walnut and bloodwood. I planed then down on my thickness planer to just over 1/4 thick.


The design for this project was inspired by these magnets from the  ScrollSawScribbler who is artist I follow on Instagram. ( I would recommend you do the same)

Scroll Saw Scribbler

Next I started searching for a logo that I can use. Now, I do not own the rights to Deadpool, so I am not comfortable sharing the template that I made here and raising any lawyers ire (sorry)! But I did cut out three copies and adhered it to the wood with spray adhesive.


Since the maple piece didn’t have any inside cuts and I am a LOT more comfortable with the band saw, I cut it out there.


Next I covered the pieces with packing tape, which I’ve been told helps to lubricate the scroll saw blade while cutting. After that I chucked a 1/16″ twist bit in my drill press and made holes for the inside cut outs.



Now, I’m a scroll saw novice, in fact this is my first project. I picked up this 16 Craftsman Scroll Saw from Craigslist using my RSS method. It’s an entry level croll saw, but with the right blades and a foot pedal it seems more than up to the task.


Take your time and follow the line. Woodworking is not a gift, it is a skill, and skills come from doing, so the more you use the scroll saw the better you will become! (Yes that was a bit of self affirmations, ‘You’re good enough, you’re smart enough…”)


I cut on the waste side of the line so, I could then use my sander to get a more exact fit.



After all the pieces where cut, they didn’t fit perfectly, but with a little bit of sanding here and there I was able to coax the two half faces into the bloodwood logo and glued them in place.



After that I was time to glue the logo and one sword half down the maple backer piece. I took special care not to get any squeeze out into the eyes or sword diamonds!




Now on to the spatula. I picked this up from my local dollar store. Freeing the handle from the blade is as easy as knocking out the aluminum pins with a awl and hammer.


After that I take it to my bench grinder and remove all the excess from the outside. basically anything that would show around my handle. Since it’s just for spreading, removing some of the tang will not impact it’s use at all.


Next I use my Dremel with a cut off wheel to remove the inside portions. This way once it is epoxied in place, it will not be visible in the diamond cutouts.



I then simply epoxied it in place.


Once dried I clean up the face on the belt sander and leveled out any areas that were out of plane.


Right off the sander it is actually looking quite well! Still I would recommend sanding it by hand up to 400 grit or so. This only took about 45 minutes and it is well worth the effort.


For a finish I went with three coats of a water based wipe on poly. That or a lacquer is a good choice for anything that will end up in a kitchen drawer!


And that’s all. Thanks for looking!






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    Also nice job on the spatula 😛

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