The Crayon and Paper Clipboard

The Crayon and Paper Clipboard

It’s time to get academic. With a crayon and paper clipboard!

Step one is to make some micarta (we do that a lot here). It’s still a messy process. With some parchment paper, a roller, and a bit of luck, though, it should go fairly quick.

The resin used for this project is a low-odor version with a generous working time, and after a quick musical montage and some diligent work, it makes for an excellent micarta board.

And that means it’s crayon time! Is that a cheese grater?


Peter goes for the torch instead of the heat gun here. The heat gun tends to blow things around, and the last thing he needs is more crayon shavings in his shop.

The pyrotechnics are a bit concerning, though.

With the crayons already melted (and an extra layer of shavings to reach every corner), Peter swaps back and forth between the heat gun and the torch to create a marbled look. The wax moves really well when it’s hot.

Once it cools, it’s time to tape up the back and mix the top coat of resin. Make sure you’re using a timer that’s easy to stop. Getting resin on your phone can be, uh, problematic.

This particular batch of resin comes out really thick and bubbly, so Peter ends up getting the torch out again to clear things up. Cold temperatures make it harder, too.

After a really long curing time, it’s ready for hardware! This last stage is pretty easy.

This project is a fun combination of materials that don’t usually go together. What else should Peter dip?