Couch Time: October 2016

Couch Time: October 2016

Another month has passed us by, which means it’s time for another installment of Couch Time. This series highlights interesting projects from other YouTube Makers working in a variety of media.

BUILD: Easy Rubber Jam Chuck by TabLeft Workshop

Ray at TabLeft is an accomplished Maker but doesn’t do a lot of turning. When he needed a way to finish the bottom of his bowls, he made a simple jam chuck using a piece of plywood and some rubber floor mats.

Secret Compartment Frame by Dustin Penner 

Dustin Penner is afflicted with a compulsive desire to put secret compartments in everything he makes. To his credit, he’s very good at it. Watch him create a frame for his “If it looks straight, it is straight” print that includes secret ice pick storage.

Homemade Flamethrower Slow Motion by Giaco Whatever 

Giaco Whatever tests out his hardware store flamethrower while visiting Jimmy DiResta’s farmhouse in Upstate NY. Mrs. Brown, if you’re reading this: this one’s for you.

How to Make the Horned Steel Helm from Skyrim by Punished Props 

With Halloween approaching and my wife asking for costume ideas, I have suddenly discovered the world of propmaking and the magic of EVA foam (also known as Harbor Freight floor mats). Bill Doran at Punished Props builds a replica helmet from Skyrim in this video. Having tried some foam work myself, this is much more difficult than it looks — good job Bill!

Clock build off by April Wilkerson (and Jay Bates, and Nick Ferry)

When you get a bunch of like-minded people in a room, interesting things start happening. This video is April Wilkerson’s entry for a clock build-off she did with Jay Bates and Nick Ferry while visiting Nick’s workshop in Wisconsin. The other videos are linked in the description, so check out all three.

What did I miss? A month is a long time, so leave your own recommendations in the comments section and I will acknowledge your superior taste in video. Thanks!