Couch Time: August 2016

Couch Time: August 2016

Every so often, we will be sharing some unique and interesting projects from other makers on YouTube. This is the first installment in an ongoing series, so congratulations — if you’re reading this, you’re getting in on the ground floor.

Elm City Vintage – Pallet Up-Cycle

Every year, Sterling Davis runs the Pallet Upcycle Challenge. Dave Gagné of Elm City Vintage took things literally and made a pallet “up-cycle.” Think woody station wagon, only two wheels instead of four. And more punk rock. And beer.


Laura Kampf – Laura’s Tallbike

Laura Kampf creates another “up cycle” – a tall bike. Two bike frames combined form the core, while some pedals placed strategically allow Laura to climb up and down. There’s no kickstand yet, so every ride starts by leaning the bike against a wall.


Matt Cremona – Building a large Bandsaw Mill (Introduction)

Matt Cremona is known for fine furniture, traditional joinery, and milling his own lumber. You may have seen his log trailer series, where he built a log arch to help get large logs back to his home for milling. In this video, Matt talks about his plans to build a massive bandsaw mill. Building the mill himself will give his machine a larger cut width and a lower price than commercially-available machines. It’s also a great project in itself.


Jimmy DiResta – Hammers!

Jimmy DiResta’s YouTube channel recently broke 700,000 subscribers (congrats, Jimmy!). Every 100,000 subs, Jimmy does a video about one of his collections. This time around, it’s hammers. As someone who owns exactly three (3) hammers, this video was fascinating just due to the sheer variety of hammers available. Crate hammer? Carpenter’s axe? Dead blow? Jimmy has about ten of everything.


KRTWood – Googly Eye Bowl

This beautiful walnut bowl is carved along the grain to make room for an inlay of… googly eyes? Yes! Aside from missing out on a great opportunity to use Jeepers Creepers as background music, this is exactly the kind of weird that we love to see. And who knows? Your kids might not steal all the cookies if the bowl is staring at them (note: Shop Time not responsible for any nightmares; please don’t do this to your kids).

Got something to say? Did we miss another great video? We almost certainly did, so leave a comment and tell us about it.

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