Cotton Ball Bowl

Cotton Ball Bowl

This is my cotton Ball Bowl. It’s hard as a rock and looks like stone. Is that irony? I think it might be. It’s also super hard to photograph.

I start by mixing up 12 oz of resin, just to see how far it will go. You never want to mix up too much resin at once. It cures with an exothermic reaction and too much resin in a small volume can easily overheat.

as the cotton just soaked it all up. So I add more resin, and more resin, and more cotton. I’m now at well over a bag of cotton balls and 36oz of resin. Normally when you’re pouring epoxy you CANNOT pour this much at once. Most epoxies in this confined of a space would cause a massive overheating and would boil over. Most manufacturers will tell you not to pour more than 6-8oz at a time.

How am I getting away with this?
Art Resin is typically used for preserving museum-quality art and is formulated to cure over a 24-48 hours time. Due to the volume that I used, it cured rock hard in 3 hours.

After it fully cured I mounted it on my wood lathe and shaped it into a bowl. There were a handful of dry pockets that I had to add more resin too. The cotton just soaks it up and I could easily have added another 12oz without trouble. After it cured, it turned like a dream! Long shaving, smooth sailing and some really fun turning.

I’m very pleased with the outcome. It feels and looks a LOT like stone.

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