Copper Star Wars Clocks

Copper Star Wars Clocks

In this episode of the ShopTime YouTube channel, Peter sets out to create a Star Wars clock using a laser cutter and electroforming. However, he faces a series of unexpected challenges along the way. His decision to have struggles along the way in this project mirror the very struggles of the Rebellion to break free of the evil clutches of the Empire. Peter is always striving to connect to his projects on a number of levels and this one proved no different!

The video begins with Peter attempting to cut a quarter-inch piece of maple plywood using a X-Tool laser cutter.

He has a simple design in mind, which includes the Rebel Alliance logo, a small hole and a large circle as a backing. However, he accidentally cuts the wrong design due to a software error.

After fixing the issue, he discovers that the piece of wood is too large to fit in the laser cutter’s frame. There is no need to Force it Peter!

Peter then successfully cuts the wood down to size and applies conductive paint to its surface. He also applies the paint to the edges, using two or three light coats to ensure an even coverage.

The paint dries quickly but requires 24 hours to cure enough to be placed in the electroforming solution.

To submerge the wooden piece in the solution, Peter uses a plastic container he found at a nearby store.

He next has to devise a solution solution to suspend the piece within the container while not ruining it during the process.

After some troubleshooting, he then pours the electroforming solution into the container and waits for the process to complete.

Finally, after several hours, Peter removes the wooden piece from the solution and is pleased with the results. The electroforming process has created a uniform copper coating over the entire surface!

After the wood is electroformed with copper, Brown uses a fan suggested patina solution made from vinegar and salt to give the copper a unique and aged look.

He dips the clock into the solution and allows the process to do its work to corrode the piece in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Once it looks how he likes, he removed it from the solution and affixed a small clock movement to transform it into a time keeping device fit for the halls of Coruscant itself! 

Throughout the video, Peter encounters a few challenges, such as creating a piece of wood that is the right size for his laser cutter and finding a way to submerge the clock in the electroforming solution. But with some problem-solving and creativity, he is able to successfully complete the project.

Overall, the video offers a fascinating glimpse into the process of electroforming and the many steps involved in creating a unique and visually stunning piece of artwork.