Copper Etched Box

Copper Etched Box
Okay, I’ve got a lot of things going on in this box.
First I wanted to give my copper pipe to sheet another go. I think I’m getting the hang of it! This is easier than the first time!
I like the finished project. My only do-over would be the green paint.

Next I wanted to try etching. I’d been looking at loads of etching videos and wanted to give it a go. It’s a fun, but frustrating process. Salt water etching required that “perfect storm” of pieces. The right amount of salt, distilled water (Tried tap originally no go) and the right amount of electricity! And all that is in addition to making sure your design is done properly.
Hooked up to 12v with distilled water and a TON of salt, seemed to finally be the right recipe!
The sharpie was the easiest, but the electrical tape was a better (non penetrating relief) You can see in the below picture that some etching occurred around the sharpie marks.
The stray etching was shallow and easily sanded flat after the paint dried.
 Oh and the first box I turn broke tragically when I got a nasty catch. (I was rushing and ended up breaking the handle to my bowl gouge) So not only did I have to re-make the box but I also had to replace the bowl gouge handle.
I’ve decided to call the new bowl gouge ‘The Finger’ to its rather uninspired shape…
It’s a good life lesson in slowing down and doing things right. Or just a self deprecating comment on my turning skills! 🙂