Cherry & Resin Boxes

Cherry & Resin Boxes

I’ve been wanting to do some boxes for a while now. It’s been a long time since I made any and frankly it was just fun to make a few. The cherry flooring I used for this was a surprisingly beautiful grain. It was planned down to 3/8 thickness and then ripped to 3′ wide.

In order to get tight-fitting miters, you need two things. Well measured sides and a perfect 45* angle. I use a table saw sled to accomplish this. The stop block assures repeatable cuts and an angle finder for my table saw blade guarantees a perfect angle.

Once you get the sides right the rest of the box falls into shape. Some plywood for the bottom means you don’t have to account for wood movement that might ruin your perfect miters.

Now for the lids, I had other plans. They allowed me to take some artistic license and play with some ideas I had on a smaller scale. I love how different they all are. They’re unique, interesting and I would recommend folks experiment with their own idea. Having such a small canvas allows you to branch out ideas without much cost.

On two of the lids, I used my Carvey CNC to route shapes. A simple cloud in one and a dollar sign in the other. The cloud was filled with cotton soaked resin colored with ground up sidewalk chalk.

The dollar bill was filled with actual shredded money from the Federal Reserve Bank. And the last lid got a resin art treatment on a very small scaled. It was mixed and given life with a plastic straw.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with how they all came out. Siblings by birth but all unique through the expression of their lids. Ready to store whatever you decide needs containing.