Cereal Bowl Made From Cereal

Cereal Bowl Made From Cereal

Before someone asks me why I made this, the answer is simple. I was asked to. Honestly, my viewers been asking for 3 years. It’s about time I delivered.

What accouterments do we need? I’ve got a plastic bowl from the dollar store that will be my mold. A pressure pot setup from Harbor Freight for the danger factor and Froot Loop as the cereal because I love how toxicly colorful they are.

This project took 44oz of Art Resin and 1/2 box of Froot Loops cereal poured in three increments over a span of 2 days. Once the resin had completely cured, it was turned into a bowl on the wood lathe.

It’s a huge mess. But super fun. People ask what it smells like. I’m sorry to say that regardless of what is added to the resin, it always just smells like resin at this point. The resin cuts very cleanly. I’m getting a very nice surface right off the tool, but the cereal is all “eaten up”
It’s just the nature of turning something odd like this.

After sanding, polishing and a finishing coat, we have a wild and colorful resin bowl. Is it food safe? For incidental use only. So while it looks cool, I cannot recommend using it. That being said I did have a bowl so you could live vicariously through me. I hardly tasted resin at all.