Can You Turn a Book Into a Hammer?

Can You Turn a Book Into a Hammer?

If you have been following the Shoptime YouTube channel for any length of time, you will quickly learn that Peter loves resin.  By extension, it may be no surprise that Peter also loves micarta, which he admits is one of his favorite substances.  If you are wondering what micarta even is, we have you covered. 

Micarta is simply resin combined with layers of either paper or cloth. Once cured, this material is rock solid. It is so solid, it could probably drive a nail in. One could probably use an entire micarta treated book as a hammer.  Wouldn’t it be cool to hide a secret emergency hammer within your library, with it stealthily hidden among the pages?

It is this train of thought that led Peter to attempt this with a very special book. Adam Savages, “Every Book is a Hammer” to be precise.

For this project, it isn’t as easy as just dunking the book in a vat of resin, oh no!  

Peter began by applying resin to each and every page. For a 250 page book, that means 125 sheets of paper!  This tactic of every page quickly evolved into every 3-4 pages being coated, and finally just a frantic pouring and smearing of 40 ounces of resin before it all cured up. 

This 40 oz of resin ends up adding 630 grams of mass to the book, which beefs this copy up significantly!  After 24 hours of curing, it was ready to go.

While there was an attempt to use a CNC to accurately and precisely carve out the hammer shape from the micarta tome, the machine ended up going haywire as they do and ruined the book.  Time for another round of paint an entire book with resin….

On this attempt, Peter cut out an outline of the hammer and decided to use a scroll saw to cut out the shape.  The advantage of using a scroll saw over a band saw is that you are able to punch a shape out of the middle.

With a bandsaw, you would need to cut into the pattern from the edge of the book, with the entry cut and the exit cut. 

After the initial hammer shape was extracted from the book, it was cleaned up on the sander to make more presentable. 

The final step was to reattach the outside cover of the book to the rest of the micarta to provide the hammer shaped storage cavity within the pages.

The final project has so many neat little details that really bring it together, from the edge patterns of the layered words to the experience of being invited to Adam’s cave and present it to him in person! 


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