Can Yarn Be Made Dangerous?

Can Yarn Be Made Dangerous?

Over the pandemic lockdown, apparently Peter and Ms. Brown tried their hands at becoming international arms manufacturers. Just when you think you know a guy!

This project spins a yarn about their journey to weaponize old grannies across the globe and unravels the answer to one of life’s most fundamental of questions. Can yarn be dangerous? Besides the obvious strangulation and rope burn hazards, Peter and company were determined to find out!

During the lockdown, one of the new hobbies that Peter tried to take up was knitting or crochet. Ms. Brown became a legend among her family for her home woven handicrafts. She attempted to teach Peter the art of crafting “granny squares” and he quickly realized it was best to leave that to the experts. 

Taking said finished craft to his shop and proceeded to do what he does best, impregnating Granny squares in resin. (Editor’s Note: “Impregnating Granny squares” was not a phrase I was mentally prepared to write today, but here we are.)

In order to make the most deadly implement possible, Peter’s thread of an idea was to completely submerge the Granny Square in polyester resin and allow it to cure ensure to maximum hardness.

After donning appropriate protective gear, he got to work. Once the correct ratio of resin to catalyst was calculated, it was thoroughly mixed.

After the yarn was fully inundated in toxic polyester resin, it was well on its way to becoming a lethal tool of destruction.

Little did Peter know that Ms. Brown was diligently at work on her next set of designs, full on ninja throwing stars.  Would these patterns prove to be more savage in battle? He was knot sure but there was only one way to find out!

Peter repeated the resin process to the new entries to his armory. 

Once cured for several days, the pieces were sharpened using a belt sander and hand files to produce hilariously deadly projectiles that would surely leave an opponent in stitches! 

Once all weapon manufacturing was complete, they headed out to the range to test out their creations!

So how did the senior assassin community respond to such additions to their arsenal?

10/10 Grannies would recommend!

Thanks to both Ms. Browns and Miss Brown for such a fun project video!