Can/Should You Turn a Pineapple on a Lathe?

Can/Should You Turn a Pineapple on a Lathe?
“Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants!”

Some men want to watch the world burn, and then some men like persistent YouTube commenter Mike Downs, just want to watch Peter Brown’s shop covered in all manner of pineapple. Peter also likes to continually test the terms and conditions of his lathe’s warranty by turning unorthodox materials.  The convergence of these two life choices is the only plausible explanation for this project video to exist!  

Before the tropical carnage can begin, Peter finally puts all of the hours bingeing the Dexter TV marathon to good use by draping his workshop with plastic sheeting and tape. 

Peter then affixes the fruit to a wooden faceplate with Fast Cast Urethane Resin.

Armed with some carbide tools and a suspiciously absent Dole sponsorship, Peter begins…

As one would expect, soon after he starts, pineapple juice and flesh is flying everywhere!  Undeterred, Peter charges on by parting the top from the body of the pineapple with ease.

Peter changes tools, then continues to hollow out the pineapple.  It is at this point in the process that Mrs. Brown finally decides to try out the lathe for the very first time.  Out of the hundreds of things Peter has turned, when it is PINEAPPLE, she says to herself, “Today is the day!”?! 

After a sticky day’s work, Peter sits down to enjoy the fruit of their labor… and to perhaps review one’s life choices.