Broken Glass Lamp Base

Broken Glass Lamp Base

Back in late 2020, Peter created a beautiful lampshade out of broken glass and resin. He finished the video stating how he would soon be creating the lamp base.

As many of us makers can attest, such a statement is actually a statement to the opposite. Galvanized by two years of commenters and Shoptime article authors throwing shade about its incompleteness, Peter finally did something about it.

Inspired by a trip to Maker’s Central in the UK, Peter realized he had the perfect material to craft an ace of base. He saw the sign. He saw a sign for metalcraft.  It was at this booth that he and Mrs. Brown would experience a riveting demonstration about the joys of working with thin bar steel. 

Using metalcraft’s patented metalworking system to craft metal, the Browns were sold. This material would be a perfect conduit for furthering their creative endeavors! 

After outfitting his shop with a full workshop metal forming kit at a steal of a price, Peter got to work!

Once set up, this kit can do so many verbs! Forming, bending, shearing, punching, twisting, rolling, scrolling and riveting is a small sampling of what can be done with this package. 

Starting with just a sketch and armed with plenty of elbow grease, Peter slowly saw his vision take shape.

With this new equipment being 100% people powered, there was likely a sense of satisfaction of conquering bare steel with only bare hands and leverage.

Peter was soon reminded of the pitfalls of working with a new material when the base of the lamp was not as solid as he once had envisioned.

After a bit of rework and finally breaking out the welder, he was able to bend this material to his will and finally bring closure to all of us after all the havoc he hath wrought.