A Bug In Resin

A Bug In Resin

You never know what’s going to happen when you let someone new into your shop. For this project, Markus from Bug-Tech joins Peter in the shop to cast a model VW bug in resin for a shift knob. Let’s see how it goes!

Before Markus shows up, Peter makes a few test-castings to get a feel for the process.

Casting Model BugTo start out, Peter using 20z of polyester resin. It’s a durable resin (and a pain to turn because of it), but it does a good job. The secret for this particular project is using two different mixing ratios for the pour. The first pour is mixed firmer than the second, to float the car in the middle.

When Markus shows up, it’s time for some fun. He’s never turned resin on the lathe before. And the resin we’re using today is a hard one. Let’s see how it goes.Turning Resin

Note the block of wood that’s attached to the bottom of the shifter; it’s a fairly elegant way to mount the threaded connector while giving it a retro vibe.

polishing resinIt takes a lot of sanding to bring a resin back to clear, but the end result is spectacular. I’m sure having someone to talk to in the shop helps, too.

The final knob ended up being a bit larger than expected. 

(I’m sure there’s a joke about Americanism in there somewhere), but the project as a whole was a success.

It turns out working with other people is fun!